Zana Bajic
Even though we all live on the same planet it doesn't mean for sure that we all live in the same world.
To build one's own world and to be aware of its uniqueness is one of the manifestations of art. Finding
beauty in colours that awaken the senses, tickle our imagination and reproduce one starting point, doing
so without dependence on any form, creates the pleasure of prevalent pretensions of the initial idea
of the artist who shares her idea of playfulness with the engaged observer.

   The painting that consists merely of outline forms, dipped into chromatic sauce of its own perception,
creates a nihilistic ambience in reality, and while our everyday life slips under our feet, it leads us into
a new abstract dimension. But isn't that also an escape from reality? Not necessarily; that can be just
one of the segments of the road towards the thorough understanding of reality.
 Zana Bajic has been
walking that road of cognitive development for many years, which with her developing styling cycles like Phoenix, intimates the birth of a new phase through which she leads herself to her own pinnacle.

She started to develop her inspiration and playfulness of spirit at the Assenza Art Academy. After that
she had many exhibitions, both jointly and sole, within and outside Croatia.

   With her last stylised communication on canvas she draws attention to the aesthetic level as well as
the cognitive level, thereby showing how much everyday superficiality and the black and white world are distancing the human soul from the primordial, and hastening the debilitation of the soul. She offers colours
to a world that needs them, as well as an idea of everyday banality. It is as though her stylised expression
is spreading wings over the limiting mould, creating new dimensions that negate time and space, but not the existence. Get ready for the journey.


My name is Zana Bajic and I was born 15th of December 1961. in Kotor. I finished Assenza Art Academy (Basel, Switzerland) in the class of prof. Fredy Bushwaldera. I was involved in the lectures and art work
of Jerman, Christian Hitch (Dorna), Donald Holla (Bolsano), Massimo Cellos (Milan). I'm also a member of
ULUH, Split. I exhibited in several group exhibitions (Multimedia-Split, Split City Museum, Pinakoteka gallery,
Split, etc..). 2004th I have exhibited in Milano at ''Il Duomo Incontra l'arte''. Gallery in New York ''MONKDOGZ URBAN ART'' is exhibiting my work at their web site. At  the 24.10.2009. I was invited by the jury to exhibit 
a the "IMAGINARY Journeys", AN EXIBITION OF INTERNATIONAL ART, Ferrara, Museum of the Estense Castle. I had 10 one man exhibitions, 7 of them in Croatia, and 3 of them were International.

- 2007 Bashimi Art Gallery- Salzburg
- 2007 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, opened by croatian representative for culture Krunoslav Cigoj
- 2008 Cultural center, gallery ''Buća'', Tivat, opened by croatian conzul Božo Vodopija.

I am the founder and the president of the Association of Artists ''Nanael''. I'm the organizer of Indian Festival Red Rock Arts Crafts Festiva, which was held in Split for the first time this year, and was held in Zagreb during the past five years.